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Credit insurance is an invaluable aid to successful national and international business-to-business trade.   It covers the risk of financial loss that can occur when trade credit is offered by a business to its corporate customers –  thus providing a set period of credit after provision of products or services before payment is due.  In these circumstances, there is always a risk of non-payment, either because the customer may be unable or unwilling to pay, or because an unforeseen event prevents successful completion of the sales: for instance, a shortage of the currency of the contract in the customer’s country, or government intervention, or a natural disaster.

Atradius has been a leader in this field for almost a century.  An Atradius credit insurance policy can cover the complete range of risks of non-payment inherent in trade credit sales, or just those that our clients chooses to cover.  Depending on the client’s requirements, Atradius’ flexible approach to underwriting allows each policy to be customised: from simple, no-frills cover suitable for a small to medium-sized enterprise with limited resource, to a global scheme providing a consistent and comprehensive service to multinational corporations, with Atradius account management and underwriting support in each of the client’s worldwide locations.

In designing a policy that meets the client’s cover requirements, the Atradius policy underwriter will determine the detail of the policy based upon a fair assessment of the trading risks involved.  This will be reflected in, amongst other things, the terms and conditions of the policy, premium payable, insured percentage (i.e share of risk between Atradius and the client), and the maximum credit terms that can be offered by the client.

The essential value of Atradius credit insurance is that it provides not only peace of mind to the client, who can be assured that their trade is protected, but also valuable market intelligence on the financial viability of the client’s customers (buyers), and, in the case of buyers in foreign countries, on any trading risks peculiar to those countries .  As well as providing an insurance policy that match the client’s patterns of business, we will establish the level of cover that can reasonably be afforded to the client for trade with each individual buyer, by analysing the buyer’s financial status, profitability, liquidity, size, sector, payment behaviour and location.  To augment the information that Atradius already holds – currently on over 52 million companies worldwide – we also take into account the valuable experience that our client may already have through previous trade with the buyer.

There’s much more to credit insurance, and our country-focused websites show the range of Atradius services available to you – and who to contact for more information and advice.

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